Cracovia Półmaraton 2018

DSC01544Hey hey my dear friends!

Let’s begin by the end. As Maga (the foundor of Vegan Marathon and Vegan Warrior) says : I never do things
like others do… actually, I am going to speak, almost only, about what happened after the finish line…

What I already knew is that the arrival is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Though, I could not imagine it would be so emotional !!! It was kind of a show: all the white lights were turned off and it felt like being in a nightclub. What an atmosphere!!! As for me, it was the best moment. Indeed, I did not care that much about my time. I actually ran 14 minutes slower than my record in April on a much more difficult and very windy route… …
Just 2 things I would like to highlight :
Paweł Mej, what a man !!!
Paweł Mej, this name means:
– an almost 100-barefoot-marathon-runner !!
– a polish record for a barefoot runner. 92km in 24 hours (with only 4 hours sleep…)
– his polish flag
– a BIG SMILE on his face from the beginning to the end
I do not know him personnally, but I like him so much !!!
This year, I ran as well New-York Marathon and one week later in Poland!!!
As he is a barefoot runner, I dream about a meeting between him and « our » MURRAY couple !!

I definitely recommend you this half-marathon and even more the full marathon in April. It only costs 17€ and is classified among the 100 first marathons in Europe.

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